Vagrant, Chef, PHP and XDebug

How to install XDebug with Vagrant and Chef Install Chef Development Kit Create new cookbook ➜ dev berks cookbook xdebug-box create xdebug-box/files/default create xdebug-box/templates/default create xdebug-box/attributes create xdebug-box/libraries create xdebug-box/providers … Continue Reading →

Choose the right tools for your Magento project

Magento can be hard. We all know it. We can make your work easier by picking the right tools. I wanted to share with you the stuff I am using … Continue Reading →

Using PHPUnit with Gaufrette to unit test IO-dependent behaviour

Recently I wanted to test some class which uses heavily IO. I was refactoring some legacy code depending on file_get_contents and other file functions. To allow easy testing I added … Continue Reading →