GTD: remove „To File” drawer

I was rereading David Allen’s Getting Things Done recently. I needed to restart my GTD system and it was a good opportunity to review the original system proposed by David Allen. When I was reading Chapter 6 about second step Clarifying, I found a fragment that applies to me.

(…) In my early days of coaching I used to give my clients permission to keep a To File pile. No longer. I discovered that if you can’t get it into your system immediately, you’re probably not ever going to. If you won’t do it now, you likely won’t do it later, either.

– David Allen, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

gtd with to file drawer

When I was setting up my system for dealing with papers, I created 4 trays:

  • Inbox,
  • To Scan (Do Skanowania),
  • To File (Do Segregowania),
  • Outbox (Do Załatwienia).

gtd without to file drawer

So after the reading I decided to remove the To File drawer and have more space for Inbox. This way I can Capture more stuff, but when Clarifying it should be less friction. Putting it in other words, Getting „In” to Zero should be improved.

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