Vagrant, Chef, PHP and XDebug

How to install XDebug with Vagrant and Chef Install Chef Development Kit Create new cookbook ➜ dev berks cookbook xdebug-box create xdebug-box/files/default create xdebug-box/templates/default create xdebug-box/attributes create xdebug-box/libraries create xdebug-box/providers create xdebug-box/recipes create xdebug-box/resources create xdebug-box/recipes/default.rb create xdebug-box/metadata.rb create xdebug-box/LICENSE create xdebug-box/ create xdebug-box/ create xdebug-box/Berksfile create xdebug-box/Thorfile create xdebug-box/chefignore create xdebug-box/.gitignore create xdebug-box/Gemfile create […]